Ann Hunt Currier
Our Men Are Beautiful People, Fishing Creek, MD

About the Project:
Signs of the Eastern Shore

In April 2004, my husband, Doug, and I found ourselves through luck and grace owning a handyman's special on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The house is on Hooper Island in a town called Fishing Creek; what sold us was the view-seeing water from every window, plus a lady in bronze on the newel post holding a light. It's very beautiful there, ospreys and herons and great sunsets and about nine crab sheds.

The signs in the area are sometimes used for noncommercial messages. The first ones I noticed were in Cambridge asking for prayers for a young girl recovering from a brain tumor. Inspired by these, I soon began to make a collection of signs through photographing them. I have to say that as a teacher I learn from my students. For years I have given an assignment that requires an image and text, and now I have started one myself.

I hope to continually add to this body of work, and I also plan a project with my daughter Katherine to photograph the romantic old houses on the island, which, after being hit by Hurricane Isabel in 2003 on top of years of neglect due to tough economic times, have become what we fondly refer to as tear-downs.

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About the Artist:

Ann Hunt Currier was born in Bay Shore, New York, in 1956, one of seven children, and has been a fine art color photographer since she received her BFA from Purchase College in 1980. She earned an MFA in Creative Art from Hunter College of the City University of New York in 1989. She has exhibited her work at a number of venues, most notably at the Neuberger Museum in a show titled Working/Still, in a three-person show at Kendall Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles. In 2002, a solo exhibit at Gallery West of Suffolk County Community College featured her Still Life Constructions and her April-Isolated series.

In 1995, she had a one-person exhibit of 14 photographs from her Twenty-Two Views from my Window One Winter at Windows Above the Circle Gallery of New York Institute of Technology. The series and its title inspired composer Vito Ricci to write a piano work comprising 14 pieces, one for each photograph in the installation. In 1996, the images were displayed at a performance of his work given at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

A teacher of fine art and photography at LaGuardia High School in New York City since 1984, Currier established the photography program there and continues to develop and expand it, most recently with the inclusion of digital image making. In addition to teaching at the Fame school, she is an adjunct lecturer in photography at Brooklyn College and has taught and lectured about her work at the Maine Photographic Workshops.

A recipient of many awards and grants, Currier is a 1995 Fellow in Photography of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. In 2002, she was awarded a commission for a public art project for Kings County Hospital Center, in Brooklyn. for which she created photographic assemblages. combining her own images with historic photographs of the hospital. These were displayed and illuminated in an installation of light boxes.

Her photographic work has undergone a shift in content away from an internal landscape to a more documentary perspective and a shift in media to experiments with digital image making. Her first extensive project involved her work with photographs taken in Oaxaca, Mexico. That trip sparked an interest in Latin American culture, primarily religious and craft-making practices. She is a 2003 recipient of a Surdna Arts Teachers Fellowship, which allowed her to travel to Peru. A solo exhibition in 2004 at the LaGuardia Gallery of LaGuardia High School featured the photographs taken on that trip: a digital project showing weaving traditions from the highlands of Peru. In this work, she continued to focus on the artifacts and products of domestic labor-and the people who perform it.

She lives with her husband, Douglas, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and on Hooper Island in Maryland; they have two daughters, Joanna, born in 1981, and Katherine, born in 1993.

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Welcome to my site.

The website contains images of photographs I have made; the earliest are from 1979. It is arranged chronologically by project starting with my current work.

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- Ann

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